pastor mickey

From an early age, Mickey has always been the one to stand out in a crowd.  Not because of his awesome size but from his ability to lighten up any mood or situation.  He is no stranger to the stage since he started standing in front of people since the age of 10.

Pastor Mickey proves that you don’t have to use vulgar language to get people to laugh.  You simply have to look around within the church and around this world to find plenty of comedy material.  This is very important to Mickey because it allows him to entertain audiences from any stage, event, conference or concert.   His passion for making people laugh stems from his troubled past that he is very forthcoming about in his shows.  His testimony of second chances and redemption not only gives you a night of laughter but it also gives you an event that will encourage those who attend.

In 2018, Pastor Mickey was invited by Dr. Tim Hill (Church of God General Overseer) to be the entertainment for his Executive Christmas banquet as well as several state district meetings.  He has also been one of the featured acts for the Servant’s Night tour presented by the Alabama Baptist as well as several state and association meetings. 

His humor is not limited to a particular age group which is why you will see him doing Sr. Adult conferences and Youth events all across the nation.  His quick with allows him to adapt to any situation or event.

No matter where Pastor Mickey performs, you will always get a great night of laughs.

Mickey is also a great motivator. Used in the corporate setting, he is able to promote your company's message to enhance productivity within your own establishment.