Mickey As Your Emcee

A Comedy Emcee is a comedian who emcees your event. Whether it’s 3 hours or 3 days, you’ll want someone who can not only pronounce people’s names correctly, but who can keep the program interesting… even for the people who may not like every artist on your program… that means using humor.  Mickey is a great Comedy Emcee who will kick off the program with some laughs to grab everyone’s attention, make funny observations about the events taking place during the program to keep people engaged, and then wrap-up with some humorous thoughts about the event to end on an upbeat note. 

Mickey is a professional emcee who will also keep the program running on-time and make people look forward to it for the next year.  There are a million things that can interrupt your perfectly arranged session, but you still have to keep things moving.  Mickey will stall like a pro by highlighting a sponsor, taking a few questions, asking people to shout out where they are from, or give away free CDs.

As a pastor, Mickey is able to help the audience switch gears from funny to serious, serious to high energy, and so on.   One quick line from Mickey can do it.

"As promoter of the Gospel Fest at Loretta Lynn Ranch I must tell you that Mickey Bell is an awesome addition to our event! We are claiming him FIRST! He did such a great job connecting with the people ! He knew exactly when to promote the things we needed promoted, how to keep it on schedule, and all at the same time letting the folks laugh at themselves and just enjoy the day. At an event that last this long it is so hard to stay fresh, high spirited, and to balance all of these things yet still remain dedicated and sensitive to the Spirit of God! But I must say Mickey Bell walked this sensitive tight rope superbly and did it with great ease!! He made my job much easier while allowing me to continue to work in the background to keep everything flowing smoothly!"
Jeff Sneed
Gospel Fest at Loretta Lynn's Ranch