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“What a story, read and listen as the man of scriptures becomes the man in the mirror. Be blessed as you read an encouraging finish to a challenging story.” (1)

If you or someone you know has made decisions in their life that has caused them to fall into the pit of depression, then this book is for you.

Pastor Mickey has penned the most transparent book about his life and the decisions he has made that turned his family and career upside down.  This is a story of the redeeming power of God.  

Many times we are fooled by the enemy to think that God treats us like the local church treats us.  But that is far from the truth.  While the “most holy” ones might cast you aside and say that God is finished with you, your Heavenly Father picks you up and remolds you into something beautiful.

If God can do it for Pastor Mickey, He can do it for you as well.